Getting On In Dog Years

Written by admin

My grandpa’s dog, Maisey, must be getting on a bit. Today, as I was leaving their house, she was displaying some serious resistance to the idea of going for a walk. That actually suited grandpa just fine, as he wasn’t so keen on the idea himself, between the grey Melbourne drizzle and his arthritis playing up. But I think it might be something worth checking in with a vet about.

I’ve suspected for a while now that Maisey might have a bit of arthritis going on herself. She used to have zero qualms about jumping up on the couch as the mood struck her, but these days she seems a tad more cautious about it. She also goes down the back steps in a bit of a sideways motion, as opposed to galumphing down head first like she used to.

But hey, she’s no spring chicken. She’s got to be going on around 8 this year, surely… it’s easy to forget that she’s becoming a senior. I think I’ll volunteer to take her along next time I’m passing through Moorabbin (vet check-up aside, I think she could do with a trip to the doggy day spa). I don’t know if grandpa will be that into it, since he’s pretty suspicious of doctors on the whole, but I reckon if I can make a case that Maisey might be in pain, he’ll allow it.

Her health is pretty good, overall – as far as I know, the only time she’s been to the vet was when she ate something nasty from the shed. Luckily, grandpa was able to get her to an emergency vet. Bayside, fortunately, was home to one that was open.

I’m not sure what a vet can do for arthritis in older dogs, to be honest – perhaps provide some kind of anti-inflammatory medication for pain management. I think I’ve even heard of dogs being given supplements like glucosamine as well. Maybe there are some other kinds of veterinary therapy available these days, or even just some basic home remedies like getting Maisey and extra cuddly mat to sleep on.