Two Bros Need Snip, Say Neighbours

Written by admin

There’s a pet problem going on in my neighbourhood. In short, several people on my street have an ongoing problem with this guy who lives down the road from me. You see, this dude has two rottweilers that he has not had desexed. For the record, these dogs are beautiful, awesome and very well trained, except when it comes to them constantly leaping over his backyard fence in efforts to get it on. 

I’m not sure if they guy has a particular stance on the matter, or if he just hasn’t gotten around to having the deed done. I doubt it’s the latter, given how meticulously he’s managed to train them in other behaviours and the fact that they look very well cared for. It does make me wonder what his views are on pet desexing. Bayside council, for their part, recommends it on the basis that it can reduce aggression and the desire to roam in male dogs.

I’m of the belief that you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, but some of the neighbours that are less familiar with these large boys are getting pretty freaked out by them randomly bounding out from under their washing line and sniffing around at the dog park. I swear everyone on the street is talking about it. Personally, I think that those concerned should get together and start a conversation with old mate about what his rationale is for not desexing his dogs, rather than snarling about it among themselves.

The last doggo companion I had, I adopted from a friend of a friend, and I had her desexed in order to avoid any pups that would inevitably need to be dealt with by me. I’d had a veterinarian in Moorabbin highly recommended to me, and she helped me to feel comfortable about my decision to put Milena through the procedure. Heck, maybe I’ll go and have a chat with this bloke myself.