Who Owns…All the Buildings?

Written by admin

You know how you have those shower thoughts? Yeah, I always get mine on public transport. Probably a good thing, because you can’t pull out your phone and look up answers to questions online while you’re in the shower. The worst thing that’s going to happen on the train is that a crotchety old person will think that I’m idly surfing the web instead of reading the paper or a thick, paperback book, and they will judge me. In which case…they can shove it in their ear. I’m expanding my knowledge.

My thought the other day was who actually OWNS massive landmarks, and if there’s a name on the paperwork. Like, is there a vendors statement drafted by a conveyancer somewhere that says that ‘Jack Rawson’ owns the MCG? I mean, somebody has to own this stuff, right? You can’t just say that a corporation owns a place, because that’s not nearly specific enough. If someone wanted to hang a picture at the MCG, and they wanted permission to put the nail in the wall, then you can’t just go asking a mega-corporation, getting your answer in 10-12 business weeks. It’s an inefficient system, and it would cause all kinds of problems if different people in the same corporation wanted to do different things and were all claiming ownership.

Makes me think I need to find an actual conveyancer and ask them about this, and whether there’s a ‘Dylan O’Leary’ who owns Flinders Street Station, and how Dylan O’Leary feels about that. Maybe Melbourne Central was once purchased by ‘Shaylene Liddell’, and at any point Shaylene could just walk in and decide that the whole place is going to be converted into the world’s largest petting zoo, because it’s Shaylene’s place and she can do whatever she wants with it.

Definitely a question for conveyancing professionals. Melbourne is probably owned by a tiny, select elite. And that’s too much power for one man, called Jack Rawson, probably.