About Charles

Charles Jay Williams is a photography who is constantly on the move. He enjoys exploring urban streets of foreign lands transforming these encounters into colourful, abstract images.

Since childhood, Charles has engaged in various forms of documenting the world around him. His wife Leanne inspired him to pursue his dream of travelling the globe and sharing his creative vision with people from all over the world.

Although Charles has never formally studied art, he has always had a fascination with colour. His greatest pleasure is to take photos apart, examine their inner workings and piece them back together in a colourscape of wonder. His works reflect this affinity, for they show an approach to imagery that is based in deconstructing figures into their abstract parts and reconfiguring these into new visions.

His photographs have been featured in German fashion magazine Hรคt, as well as in photography journal Das Caterpillar. Over the years his works have been exhibited at galleries in Berlin, Melbourne and Shanghai.

Charles hopes that people who stumble across his work will find something to enjoy in his unique contribution to the world of art. His goals for the future include photographing Mongolia, and one day raising children of his own with his wife and companion, Leanne.