DIY fail leads to birthday party disaster

Written by admin

My son is about to turn nine and is extremely excited about his birthday! He has invited his whole class round for his themed birthday party which we had agreed to host at our house. I have promised to bake him a robot cake and buy everyone swords for a battle. So a week before the party was not the ideal time for my husband to start building a massive entertainment unit in the lounge. He ended up punching a pretty big hole in the wall leaving our party arena in a less than optimal state. My son was in tears over the mess and was distraught at having to cancel his birthday celebrations.

I managed to do a major last minute turn around and after scouring all of the kids party venues in Melbourne I finally found one that had a last minute opening! My son approved because they had hosted themed parties before so knew what they were doing. The ice skating he wasn’t so sure about until I told him to pretend he was on an ice planet.

They were also happy for me to bring my own cake, which is great because I had a skeleton robot made out of sponge in the freezer. I sent out an email to all the parents explaining the last minute change. I didn’t quite put all the blame on my husband, I said we had a household drama and no longer had a safe space to host thirty screaming nine year olds. I toyed with attaching a picture of the hole in the wall but thought I would spare him the pain. I told the mums if anyone needs help finding birthday party venues in Melbourne, I am now an expert having spoken to most of Melbourne’s premium kid spaces in the last 48 hours. With the venue sorted, cake nearly there, and invitations clarified I now just have to source 35 glowing swords and other party accessories. Easy right?