Electrical Monitoring, Just Like That

Written by admin

YES…I’ve been waiting for electrical week. They’ve had weeks where they work on appliances and all that, but this week on ‘The Great Australian Trade Off’ was ALL to do with electrical work. Obviously they had to keep things really safe, and there were professional electricians everywhere to make sure that nobody electrocuted themselves. Rubber gloves saw frequent use, of course. But still, it made for an exciting episode, especially in the final challenge where they had to make their own, functional battery devices. Only four people left on the show now, and they’re obviously the very best of the bunch, and very well-rounded. Ryan struggled a bit since he had the least amount of experience, whereas Don has actually done stuff with commercial battery storage in his spare time, so it was a cinch for him. The guy actually just manages to cobble together a working generator from spare parts, and it was able to jump-start a car engine.

I seriously thought Ryan was out in this round- which would’ve devastated female viewers all across Australia- but then of course he pulled out his usual creativity in the Innovation Round and made himself an energy monitoring device. It stuttered a bit at first, giving a reading that was several times higher than the daily energy output of Australia, but he gave it a smack and it worked just fine. It was even able to monitor the energy output of the contraptions made by everyone else.

And while we’re on the subject…Daphne, really? She actually thought she could make a machine that generates its own power, as if she was going to revolutionise the the entire world with just a few parts. Try going with commercial solar next time, Daphne. That is, if the humiliation of your elimination doesn’t stop you from picking up a tool ever again.