If Lemurs, Why Not Other Fluffy Animals?

Written by admin

What even goes INTO opening your own zoo, anyway? Who signs off on that kind of thing? I know the Melbourne Zoo is pretty well-established, but I can’t really see it being a government initiative. They didn’t get together in Canberra at one point and decide that there weren’t enough zoos in Australia, so they poured a load of funding into wrangling a few animals together. Nah…it has to have been private at first…right? I looked up the history online, and it’s giving me nothing.

What if I wanted to start a zoo, of sorts? All the basics have been covered, but there’s on for lemurs now, so anything is possible. I mean, you’d have to look into the legality of keeping animals and all that. Probably need to contact any property law experts in Melbourne who’ll help me out with such a crazy scheme. You’d need about six-million permits for everything you want to do, although perhaps fewer if I wanted to specialise. And maybe I’ll also rent a copy of ‘We Bought a Zoo??’, the comedy-drama about a family who accidentally bought a zoo instead of a nice family home, and decide to run with it to hilarious results. Based on a true story! So there must be some useful advice I can get from it, in terms of starting things up.

So I’ll have my property lawyers helping with all the paperwork and…law stuff. Also, the property, wherever that may be. The only conveniently abandoned zoo-type area just got snapped up by the new lemur zoo people. Maybe I’ll ask them about which commercial law firms in the middle of Melbourne that they ended up using, and then just going with them. If it’s good enough for lemurs, then it’s good enough for…capybaras. Sure, why not?

Or maybe quokkas. People LOVE quokkas. Or a zoo catering exclusively to lovers of both capybaras AND quokkas? The Quokybara Zoo. Now that’s a zany title.