Names Are Like Fallen Trees…

Written by admin

So now my youngest daughter wants to change her name. And you know what? I ain’t got a problem with it. I might be a hands-on parent in some things, but I gotta recognise when my daughter’s creativity has a run free. And what’s a name, anyway? If she wants people to call her Quinoa, that’s her business!

Though I was a little concerned at first, when D- I mean…Quinoa said she wasn’t gonna be called by that old name no more, ‘cause she a different person. My baby girl, not using the name I gave her? But my friend Sistine was in town, and I always have time for Sistine. We’re closer than sisters. And Sistine always drops in to give me all this life advice. This time she was talking about the garden mostly, since she’s a landscape gardener travelling all over, even though if you need the number for a good quality Melbourne arborist, she’ll just pull it out of her wallet. And not just that; she’ll tell you the name of the arborist, what they do as a trade, and exactly who to ask for if you need some tree felling done around the house.

I have been saying we need them trees gotten rid of down the bottom, or maybe just a bit of tree removal. Bayside residents have had to deal with overgrown trees for years and are finally taking a stand. They’re just an ugly sight, although the girls sometime go and play down there in the summer. Of course, Sistine has family connections, all that jazz, and she knows just what to do. They always got connections, the Chapel family. Finger in ALL the pies.

But I say to Sistine about my girl changing her name, and she says to chill. Like a tree being felled and chopped up, there’s a time for everything. Little girls gotta grow up sometime, and if they’re as creative as my D- uh, Quinoa, then they have to explore that side of themselves.

Sistine always knows what to say. About that, and also the best arborists for hire in Melbourne. Chop-chop, lickety-split, the ugly trees are gone and now we can get some planted that really suit the décor. Firs, maybe. Could be good for Christmas…