Revisiting the Skate Rink

Written by admin

Chatting with a work friend, we’d been talking about how much we loved ice skating as kids. We decided to meet up at Melbourne’s big rink, and it occurred to me pretty quickly to me that a)  I found it way too easy to lose my balance and b) I’d like to see our general manager, Felix on a pair of ice-skates. He’s completely uncoordinated too.

Apparently, besides being one of the most popular kids party venues. Melbourne’s most beloved skating rink is also a great place for adults to let their hair down. We got talking about how funny it would be to hold our end of year Christmas Party at one the city’s most highly coveted function venues. Melbourne has it all when it comes to good times! We wanted to put it to management that it would have to be among one of the most exciting places we’ve celebrated, and completely fit to hold one of our functions. Our idea went down a treat! Management always makes a big effort to get people out of their comfort zones and take the celebrations to a place people can make the most of the year; we are a bit chuffed.

In the past, we’ve booked some pretty good function venues, Melbourne really turns it up when it comes to options and choices for great parties.  No such problem here, the function rooms overlook the rink and there are loads of on ice and off ice activities that are provided- including amazing catering that can be tailored to our crazy dietary requirements.

We’d been talking about how we had loved skating as kids and it made us realise we were so excited to go again.We saw an advertisement for kids birthday parties and agreed we’d both have thought we were super cool to have had our birthdays at one of the city’s best kids party venues. Melbourne, you’ve done it again! We can’t wait to revert to big kids again, even if it’s just for one night.