Are Dermal fillers For Men?

Written by admin

Our big day is coming up and something has been troubling me all throughout the lead up to our wedding. You see, although my fiance has a great personality, he’s not exactly the best looking guy you’ve ever seen. In fact, when I introduced him to my friends they were like, ‘Why are you dating him?’ But, I couldn’t help it. I just fell in love with him, even if his appearance is a little lacking. I’d rather be married to someone who makes me laugh and feel loved than be with someone who looks good.

I was pretty resigned to having an average husband until I had a brilliant idea. Why not introduce him to cosmetic surgery? I guess I hadn’t thought of it because it’s usually associated with women’s beauty, but cosmetic surgery for men…why not?

My fiance really does need a bunch of treatments if I’m being honest.  Everything from jowl reduction to dermal fillers. Melbourne CBD has some genius clinicians that can work wonders with a person’s appearance, I know because I’ve had a bit of work done myself. Not that I’d admit that to anyone.  

He’s quite jowly where the skin on his cheeks sags. It makes him look older than he is, and his lips are thin and a bit small. I wonder if I can get his face sculpted to look a little more like Tom Clooney. I think he’d really benefit from the dermal fillers and lip injections. Beauty clinics in Melbourne have some of the best cosmetic therapists in the country.

The real problem I’m faced with now is how on earth I’m going to persuade him to get these treatments done. Money is not the issue (that’s for sure!). I’m afraid he’ll say no and get upset. He’s not interested in his appearance as much as I am, he’s more interested in work. I don’t think he’ll see the value in improving his appearance unless I make him see. Then again, they say that good looking people are naturally more successful because others see them as kinder and smarter. So perhaps getting his face lift would help boost his business.