Keeping an Open Mind

Written by admin

The world is changing at such a rapid pace sometimes I sit back and marvel at how impressive it all is. Isn’t it a crazy thing to be able to buy digital wall murals at the touch of a button? I think it is. I didn’t even know what a digital wall was until this morning (if I had heard that term, I’d have guessed that it had something to do with tweet-book, or whatever it’s called). At any rate, my granddaughter has been at me to get one for my back room, where I like to do my crosswords in the afternoon. She tells me the room is ‘lacking in vibe’, and that her younger sister would be happy to ‘chill’ in it with me if I’d only jazz it up a bit.

So, I ask you: what’s the story with these digitally printed wall coverings, Australia? I’ve noticed big murals in a lot of coffee shops, and even at my barber shop since it was handed over to that cool young man with the beard. They can’t all be painted on, can they? At least some of them must be done with this new stick-on wallpaper stuff (‘self-adhesive fabric’, as my granddaughter calls it). Some of it looks pretty sharp, I suppose – and it’s surely got to be an easier way to jazz up a joint than painting.

You know, I think I might just go along with it. I’ve never had wallpaper before! What should I get? Stripes? A floral print? Oh… here’s my granddaughter over my shoulder now to tell me that I can have a forest if I want, or a beach, or even a photograph! Well, now – there’s something. I think I might have just the thing.

It’s a painting of the garden that I got married in – Eileen painted it herself, a good thirty years ago. She’d love to know that I was thinking of splashing it all over the wall, although she probably wouldn’t have agreed to it! Well, I’m still here for the time being, so I reckon I’m allowed to be a bit naughty. Sorry, E!