Boxing With Lemons

Written by admin

Did you ever play that old boxing game on the Nine-Ten-Doe We console? My family got super into it when the console came out. We would have big boxing tournaments and play for hours at a time. That’s probably why I have gotten into boxing as an adult. It shouldn’t really be a surprise, given I’ve put countless hours into my physical fitness. Even when we went on family holidays, and my little sisters would be out on a blow-up boat, I’d be with dad, practising my fighting skills. As soon as I was old enough, I started going to a boxing gym in the Brisbane CBD. I haven’t looked back ever since, except to reminisce about the We Do Sports game.

After a big boxing session at the gym, I always like to finish it off by eating a lemon. No, I don’t put it with anything. I just grab a lemon from my backpack and bite into it like an apple. The rind used to be pretty gross, but I’ve gotten used to it now. I don’t even squint at the lemon’s sourness anymore. I’ve totally gotten used to it. In fact, nothing really tastes that sour anymore. If I want to get a hit of sourness, I pretty much have to eat citric acid, which I have done a few times. I’ve heard that lemons are good for your recovery, which is why I do that. Soon, though, I’m going to start at a Muay Thai boxing gym for training, and I think I’ll need something much stronger. Maybe hot sauce, or ghost peppers if I’m feeling really daring. The extra sweat will help me keep fit as well.

Even though I’m training to be a professional boxer, I do still enjoy the odd game of We Box on the Nine-Ten-Doe. Sometimes my sisters even manage to beat me, now that they’re teenagers. I used to wipe the floor with them when they were kids. Those were good times.