Hardcore Hardware

Written by admin

Does anybody know whether you can buy metal spikes at the hardware store? I need some for my latest rock outfit, perfect for when I go to a concert later this week. You see, I really like to dress the part of a hardcore rocker, wearing leather jackets adorned with pieces of metal. I’ve got these awesome star earrings, a set of totally ripped jeans and some black sunglasses that make me look super cool. To step it up to the next level, though, I’m going to need some spikes. I’m willing to make my own if I have to, but first I need to find a hardware store close to Bayside that can help me out. If I can just get some metal that could be fashioned into spikes, which I’ll glue onto my clothing, I’ll be all set.

What I really love about going to a hardcore rock band’s concert is how carried away in the music and the crowd you can get. When I’m there, sometimes I feel like a cow shouting at the top of its lungs. Have you ever heard a cow shout? It’s super loud. And then when the whole crowd gets going, it’s like a thousand cows shouting into the night. It’s a great vibe if you like listening to cows shout and having your eardrums burst. 

I actually really love going to the hardware store, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to find a place that can help me get some spikes. Last week I was there for some painting supplies, at a Cheltenham hardware store. For timber, I chose a hardware store on the other side of town. It’s a bit of a distance from my place, but they provide high-quality wood for a great price. I wonder if they’ll give me a good deal on metal spikes as well? I suppose it couldn’t hurt to ask and see what they have to offer. Yeah, I’ll start there. To the timber hardware shop, I go!