Candles, But Also Cars

Written by admin

The Trumpeting Moon had a fascinating feature today on candles, why candles exist, and why they’re actually wonderful inventions that should be making a comeback.

Too bad I didn’t actually read it, because I was too busy poring over the interesting thought of the day. I heard about the article from Jasmine at work, but my mind was on where to go for the best in auto electrical. Bentleigh area residents might know the answer, or they might not. See, the interesting thought was about how far you would go for the best service you’ve ever had, and for me, that was an auto electrical service I had in Bentleigh thirty years ago.

I don’t live particularly close to that neck of the woods now, and I doubt the garage is still there, but it did give me pause for thought. I was a young fellow then, and quite unaccustomed to getting my car work done. I’d just gotten my own car, I was chuffed with my success, and then the battery failed, and I was stranded in a car park. Fortunately, this was very near an old garage where an elderly chap worked. He came out, fixed my battery and more importantly, explained in no uncertain terms why auto electrical issues are best avoided rather than dealt with after the fact. He was firm, but not condescending, and I remember every word he said all these years later.

My hope is that the car mechanics near me will be the same, and have the same caring attitude, and they’ll get the job done just as efficiently. I’m sure they do; most car professionals I’ve known in the area have been exemplary. Maybe I should drive up to Bentleigh, though…for old time’s sake. I’m sure I could find something wrong with my car, and if I can’t, a qualified mechanic definitely can. I’m still not quite all that.