Cars = Hard Work

Written by admin
I take refuge in mediocrity, and that’s something I learned from a very young age. None of my family subscribe to that particular theory, so I must have just been a very savvy child. Here I am in a family full of overachievers who work their butts off over long hours, and here’s me just coasting. Do I have millions in my bank account for expensive holidays? Maybe not. But with a lifetime of just doing enough to get by and taking plenty of time to relax comes the blessed attitude of just not caring too much about that stuff. Let them work themselves to death. I know that I could be amazing. I just choose not to.

Seriously, blagging is a science, and you have to to know where to apply it. Take Over-Botch for example, my favourite hobby. In the game, I do tyre servicing and repairs. Preston is the name of my secret alias. In the world of the game, it doesn’t really matter how well the job is done. But if I went a real tyre and auto centre, I’d expect that job to be done well. You can’t blag with something as serious as car servicing. Bad tyre repairs mean someone could spiral off the road and get themselves seriously injured or worse, and criminal negligence is where I draw the line. In the world of Over-Botch, where you can game the system a little and repair tires without much effort, it’s fine. But not in real life.

That’s why I don’t work as a mechanic in real life, even though I love cars. I’d have to try, with each and every car servicing job, and I don’t have it in me to give that much energy. I do it in virtual reality instead, where I can just coast, like I’m set in cruise control. My whole life is on cruise control, to be honest; I have the perfect dull office job where I can do just enough and no one cares about anything else. Hats off to the people who do actual car servicing. Preston is based on some real champs.