Mature Business Decoration

Written by admin
And they said that decorative glass¬†was ‘immature’. Um, are elephants ‘immature’? Elephants are the kings of the jungle, I’ll have you know. They’re the big cheese. Not even hippos mess with elephants. I once saw a video of a mother elephant tossing a hippo into the air after it threatened her baby. And to think, people come into our office and have the gall to make snide remarks about our animal designs!

Oh, it’s true…when it comes to decorative window glass, we’ve taken a different approach. Most companies go with coloured lines, or black and white lines, or lines that go in spirals or odd angles. Sometimes there are shapes, sometimes the shapes are different, and some companies just plaster their logo all over the place and they’re done with it. Well, we have lines, and we have a logo, but I thought we needed something to truly inspire people, which is why I’ve gone for a theme of the Big African Five.

Greeting visitors as they walk in is a full-wall image of a cheetah made out of concentric lines, because they’re the only big cats who can gracefully climb trees, and we want our clients to know that we’re always above it all, watching the latest trends. You’ll find an elephant in the conference room (also artistically represented with simple-yet-evocative imagery) to remind everyone to be strong and stalwart in their business dealings. The lion teaches the sales team to never take no for an answer, the break room is adorned with a wildebeest to encourage people to be quick and diligent, and the rhino is in my office.

I like rhinos. They have horns, and it’s awesome.

We have all the standard office decorations, of course. Frosted window glass for the cubicles and a large logo printed on the door. But blank walls are not how we do things. Blank walls are a symbol of a place that is barren of creativity. And animals…are awesome. Just awesome in general. Rhinos especially, but all big animals are pretty cool.