Commercial Battery Storage? Be still my beating heart!

Written by admin

It wasn’t the most romantic present I’ve ever been given, but Gav, my partner really put a lot of thought into my Christmas gift this year.

“Dear Steph, Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’ve made a downpayment on a Tesla Powerwall, Love Gavin”

That man.

Gav knew I’d been erring on the side of not completely blowing out for Christmas, and he took a risk. Pinching pennies and finding progressive ways to save on our business’ energy consumption was truly the way to my heart. Commercial battery storage is truly this girls’ best friend.

We were on holiday in Wilsons Prom over the break and it was the most relaxing trip I’ve taken in months. I love camping because it lets me take a break from everything that builds up during the working seasons. I love it because the community of campers sharing a site mostly value the luxury of peace and quiet in the same way I do. I really love it because it’s super affordable, and to the added effect of this, now I’m looking down the barrel of some serious savings for my small independent gallery. I do, for the record, regret  not being fast enough to jump on commercial battery storage. Melbourne is really getting with it.

For me a great break is about the chance to conserve, preserve and sustain all types of energy. I’m not one for stylish resorts. It never made much sense to me that I’m expected to relax and wave goodbye to my hard earned wage, swilling 18 buck cocktails out of a novelty tin bucket by a pool filled with living disgraces and other chlorine soaked unmentionables. It’s not for me. The Australian landscape has a lot more to offer and I feel like it’s not going to be as accessible forever, whereas fashion holidays will likely be made available forever because there is quite a lot of money to be made from them…

Luckily Gav says his days of bucket cocktails are over and now, that it’s much nicer to completely unwind with the fresh and free ocean breeze.