When life gives you lemons – consult your mechanic immediately

Written by admin

I was warned against buying my Citroen.

Don’t choose style over functionality.

That thing will chew through fuel like nothing you expect.

Why don’t you like Holdens?

Please don’t buy that car.

But there is something about my citroen that just robbed me of much sense. I wanted a reliable ride, and I was taking a huge risk- and here I am, hanging out waiting for my car to be released from the Ringwood mechanic.

I need new brakes and a new windscreen.( Thankfully, those concerns are not related)

You couldn’t have predicted my luck though. I happen to live in the extremely close proximity of the best mechanic in Ringwood. Seriously. This guy is the best. He’s dealt with European models like my car before and was able to ring in the right parts and service it as it was supposed to be serviced. I trust this mechanic completely to do me right- I mean, since when do mechanics offer to call you with expected charges to your service unless you demand them? An absolute legend.

The upshot is that he says my car is a great buy. Apparently, if I look after it the same way it has been cared for, it should be on my side for a good while yet.

I’ve bought a lemon before. I wanted to travel Australia, live the dream in a van. I bought a van from a Dutch couple who were trying to palm it off to buy tickets to get back home, and they sold it to me for a price that fit their story. It drove great for about three days and then a heatwave struck and I found myself stuck on the side of the road in 34 degree heat with radiator spluttering like some seismic freaky beast.

In the place of my intended wanderlust, a true distaste for van-lyf.

Life took on a more anchored perspective when I realised I wouldn’t be travelling that year; shortly after, I landed a job with a firm I’d dreamed about and was offered a spot in the course of my choice. And here I am, arranging transport to suit that lifestyle.

Fingers crossed my little Citroen has my best interests at heart.