Conveying Our New Society

Written by admin

You know, it’s come to my attention that we’re not quite as prepared for this transition as we think we are. Usually when someone leaves a country, it’s quite a hefty undertaking. Plenty of paperwork, you have to update your passport, forward your mail…all of that. Now, I know that our faithful brothers and sisters will soon be moving to the moon and starting life anew, but we are still moving to a place owned by the collective nations of Earth. Nobody has even considered a petition to some form of government to apply for permission to establish our new kingdom! Of course, once we become an economic powerhouse, we will claim the land as our own, via revolution if necessary, but until then…

All of this is why it’s a good thing that I’m intimately familiar with the procedure of property conveyancing. Clifton Hill is a place that I’ve had my eye on so I’ve let the team know of my preference for the area. Although if they find a place that is close to Melbourne public transport I’ll be happy. Moving to the moon has to work on roughly the same types of principles as conveyancing, an Earth custom that takes place every single day. So…we have to find some kind of central world government who controls the comings and goings of people around the planet, and submit some paperwork. No one is actually using the moon at the moment, so I don’t see why we would be refused. Add in my rather comprehensive knowledge of property transfers and the whole shifting home process that I definitely have (that’s why the organisation needs me so much) and we should have quite the smooth process. Maybe I should consult with the property conveyancing contacts about where to go from here.  I’ll see if we can’t make this transition a little bit smoother.

I knew my amazing conveyancing skills would come in handy someday!