Cooling Beyond The Big Blue Marble

Written by admin

As much as I love my dear brothers and sisters, I don’t think it’s wise to depend on all of them. They bring morale, the ability to lift and carry things, and when it comes to it, they can get on the exercise bikes and pedal for the glory and electricity supply of our new lunar kingdom.

But when it comes to research? Not so much. As it turns out, the surface of the moon can be absolutely scorching due to there being no atmosphere to defend it. This is…quite the error. We shall have to shift our construction plans dramatically, and also dispense with the heating services we had planned. Oh, we’ll need heat at night, obviously, but during the day our concerns will be for the heat. I’m starting to think that glass domes aren’t the best idea. It depends on the strength of the air conditioning services. Melbourne technicians have a fast turnaround, which is pretty important to people here. In the peak of summer it’s not uncommon for forty-degrees during the day, for small periods. On the moon, we shall bask in the solar fury daily, so efficient air conditioning will be of immense importance.

One would hope we have desert-like climates within our abodes: cold at night, hot during the day. That way we can establish an efficient cycle of hot and cold, depending on our needs. Either way, we’re going to be needing an entirely new infrastructure that takes all this into account. It may not be popular, as such, but…we may need to think about different material for our domes. We can have top notch air conditioning chilling us night and day, and may still be baked alive if the temperature rises.

Perhaps there is some glass-like polymer available that can repel the heat more efficiently. All I know is we’re going to need some next level high tech air conditioning. Melbourne is very different to climate in space. Alternatively, perhaps in the next few years air conditioning technology will make some sort of innovation that allows for efficient cooling of large open areas. Whichever way you slice it, someone is going to be doing a lot of pedalling. And I know it’s not going to be me.