Daredevil Bathtub Modifications

Written by admin

I can’t believe my dad is being so difficult about this. Well, I suppose I should be able to believe it. I should have seen this coming, really. He’s always been a stubborn mule, unable to accept that he’s getting a bit older and might need some help. What else would you expect from a professional daredevil? The guy thinks he’s invincible. Just because he’s Darus ‘Courage’ Johnson, he can do whatever he wants, even when he’s now getting toward retirement age? His body has taken a fair beating, just as his car, Bessie, has. He needs some support if he doesn’t want to be moving into an aged care facility soon. Every time I bring up getting some bathtub modifications for seniors, he covers his ears and starts singing old nursery rhymes. It’s infuriating!

Like, I get it, retiring from the daredevil game has been tough for him. He doesn’t get to hear the roar of the crowd or enjoy thousands of people chanting his name. He’s courage personified. Courage personified doesn’t need adjustments to his bathroom to help him. But he lives alone, and I really don’t want him to injure himself. Why can’t he see that I just want what’s best for him? If that means I find a business offering bath modifications near Sydney to help him out, then I’m going to keep pushing for it. Eventually, I’ll get through to him.

Maybe I can just trick him into getting bathtub modifications. How would I go about that? Could I say that he’s won a competition and pay for it myself? No, he’d see right through that. What if they weren’t modifications for seniors at all, but instead ‘futuristic upgrades’ to make his bathroom seem more like something from a hundred years from now? I’m not sure that one will work either. Well, I’m sure I’ll think of something eventually. If you have any ideas, feel free to get in touch and let me know.

– Sam Johnson