Virtual Steel Gym

Written by admin

I’ve been playing a lot of Minimon Go lately. Remember that crazy fad from about five years ago? I was really into it, as a long time Minimon fan, for about two weeks. Then I realised that the core mechanics were just so different to an actual Minimon game that it was Minimon in name only. They could have put in completely new monsters, but they’d chosen Minimon because of the brand recognition. So yeah, that didn’t last too long for me, but there’s this whole big community of people who still play it.

About a month ago, my friend Bailey told me that I should get back into it. With the latest updates, it’s more fun than ever. I was sceptical but decided to give it a go. He knew that I’m a big fan of steel monsters, and pitched it to me saying there are more of them than ever. This time, I’ve gone into it with the attitude that I’m going to be a steel gym boss, which is pretty much my dream. I’ve captured the virtual gym at a steel fabricator business close to Melbourne because that’s obviously the best place for me to run a steel-themed team. The real problem is that I barely ever leave my home, so I don’t get much of a chance to capture a variety of Minimon.

I’ve made a habit of going for a run past the local metal suppliers. Near Melbourne, there are plenty of steel Minimon, but I live quite far from the city. At this steel fabricator (a different one to where I’ve set up my gym), there are plenty of Minimon made of metal, so I’ve based my team on those. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to a quarry later this month, where I should be able to capture even more steel Minimon. It’ll be fun, as long as we don’t get caught trespassing!