Digital Marketing Fairies

Written by admin

I don’t understand why my website gets such low traffic. It’s really frustrating because I’m trying my hardest to provide high-quality content for my customers, but they just don’t seem to be finding it or caring. I thought they’d love my blog posts about how to care for your surfboard and when the best time to go surfing is. It seems they don’t really want that information from a graphic design business, though.

Recently I even tried advertising through social media, but that turned out to be a massive waste of money. My six-year-old son thinks comic sans is the best font on the internet, but it seems most people disagree. I got a lot of hate comments for using that font. It seems I really don’t know how to market my business on the internet.

Why aren’t there just magical fairies that will do my online marketing for me? They could spread the word that my business is the best in the world when it comes to graphic design. You know, I’d even take a full service marketing agency that I had to pay for. I wish one of those existed. I need a team of dedicated professionals who could turn my website from a ghost town to a thriving hub of activity and get my online commerce fully functional. Or fairies. Fairies are good too.

Anyway, that’s never going to happen, so I guess I’ll just keep making blog posts about whatever I can think of. Next is my monthly video game review. I know that might sound like a bad idea, but I really am trying to capture as large an audience as possible. I want there to be something for everyone on my website.

I was at a conference for small businesses the other day, and the host asked me who my target audience is. I told him that everyone was my target audience. Why would I not want to sell my product to as many people as possible? It just makes sense.