In the tribe

Written by admin

I grew up in New Zealand for most of my life, but moved to Australia in my twenties. I still miss New Zealand everyday but I love the life I’ve built for myself here. I’m a musician and I feel that Australia has much more to offer people who want a career in music. The goal is to eventually make it to America, but one step at a time. I aim to conquer Australia first. The music I make is what is known as 80s ‘AOR’. It’s not exactly super popular, but I am noticing a huge resurgence in this genre. I do not make music for fame or popularity. I make it because I love it. If other people happen to like my music too, then I’m glad to be able to share it with them. 

In my time here, I have discovered the highest-rated tattoo shop local to Brisbane and constantly find myself browsing their website and visiting their shop to look at their tattoos. I haven’t had a tattoo done in over fifteen years, and even still, the tattoos I currently have are nothing too impressive. I just have a few small pieces and some calligraphy. As I come to celebrate my ten years in Australia, I am thinking more and more about getting another tattoo. I’m considering making a booking with a tribal tattooist and getting a huge tribal piece on my chest to commemorate my heritage and where I am from. It’s quite common for New Zealanders to have tattoos of their tribe. Personally, not only is it a celebratory thing for me, it’s also because I absolutely love the artwork.

This artist is based in the shop I visit each day. It’s quite coincidental that I found this artist online, and that this whole time I’ve actually been admiring their artwork in that shop I keep visiting without even realising. To me, it’s a sign that this is the artist I need to go with.