Weird Financial Meeting

Written by admin

That was the most uncomfortable meeting I have ever been in. It started normally enough, with Boss Wizard proposing his plan to avoid getting caught for some, let’s say, interesting tax schemes. In the end, he went on quite a rant about how he can’t hire a small business accountant to help out because the golem factory is too big now. I’m starting to think that this guy has lost the plot. We make billions of gold coins every year. Why can’t we just pay our taxes normally and give the employees a livable wage? It shouldn’t be that hard.

I get it – he’s frustrated that he can’t find a small business tax accountant offering service near Melbourne, who is also willing to consider us a small business despite having over 100 employees. Would it be that much harder to hire someone who can actually do our taxes and have them work here? I don’t think it would. How we have possibly managed this long without a chief financial officer leaves me befuddled. Heck, we could just get an outsourced CFO and the whole problem would resolve itself. We are big enough that we should probably have a dedicated CFO, but that’s neither here nor there. It certainly isn’t any of my business.

Honestly, I’m just glad that Boss Wizard didn’t start shooting fireballs everywhere at the end of the meeting. It took weeks to repair the factory last time he did that. I know he loves casting fireballs, but it’s pretty reckless in a place like this. Everyone here could have countered the spell with our own magic, but that is a pretty quick way to get fired. When Boss Wizard is mad, you just have to let him vent. Unfortunately, at the end of the financial year, he gets mad pretty often.

Golems Inc. may not be the safest, nor the most fun, nor the best paying place to work. But hey, at least it is always interesting.