Storm Leads to Fallen Tree Worries

Written by admin

It’s hard to imagine we’ll soon be back in Melbourne. To be perfectly honest, travelling has not been the best experience and I’ll be glad to be back home. We have the wedding to worry about, plus it’s going to be heavenly to actually live in our house as opposed to traipsing around in this camper-van.

We’ve been in Sydney for a few weeks, but it looks like we’ll be hurrying back home soon. There have been powerful thunderstorms in Melbourne, and one of them came down fairly close to our house. We used to know an old gentleman who did tree pruning around Melbourne, and I’ve told Oscar a thousand times that we should be getting rid of all those useless trees around the property.  With how frequent there is storms with lighting recently, I’m concerned that one of the big trees will be hit and start a fire on the property.  

After all my warnings did anyone listen? No. And now we’re probably going to get home to find that a gigantic trunk has smashed through the ceiling. Well, won’t that just be the most wonderful homecoming? And it could’ve been avoided with a bit of pruning.

I swear, when I get home I’m grabbing those shearers, climbing the tree and cutting off all those overgrown branches myself. Yep, there’s life within me still. I’m fairly sure that old gentleman who used to help with our trees has long since retired. Perhaps I’ll get in touch with a local Melbourne based arborist to get the job done. It’s certainly a job for the faint of heart, climbing the top of tall trees.

I really shouldn’t be thinking about Melbourne so much when we’re still on holiday. We’re near Bondi Beach and it’s really not bad. I miss my bed, I miss my cat, and I miss my friends. I’m probably just overly homesick and in need of some familiar comforts. I can’t help noticing that the trees aren’t in need of pruning in this suburb. Great. I have trees on the brain!