Transforming your home with foliage

Written by admin

Every garden could use some greenery. I recommend hostas, which I use in my own garden.

First impressions count for a lot. I cannot tell you how many job interviews and first dates I crashed out for that very reason. The same principle is true for your home. Some lush greenery, particularly hostas or something of that sort, will make your house look its very best.

When someone walks up your driveway, you want them to be totally blown away. While foliage is not going to be the focal point of your garden, it does give your yard that x-factor which helps its other features stand out. How is anyone meant to appreciate your impeccable flowery garden is there is no green to provide relief?

I planted a bunch of hostas as foliage in my front yard earlier this year, and it was perhaps one of the best gardening decisions of my life. They fill in the spaces of my garden which would look too busy if they contained eye-catching flowers. Hostas are also great for lining your garden beds and driveways. I have plans to plant many more hostas in strategic locations in my front yard.

The key to choosing foliage for your yard is to consider doing something different to the rest of your neighbourhood. While hostas are easy to maintain, they are not as common as some other kinds of greenery favoured by Australians. Hostas are superior to many other options because they generally require little sunlight. Those of us in the city and even in the suburbs often find that our gardens do not get much sunlight, much to the detriment of other greenery that we may try to plant.

Even if you do have a well lit garden, hostas are still an option. Some types of hosta, blazing saddles come to mind, do best in shade. Others with darker leaves, such as the halcyon variety, are better off with more sun. It is all down to your garden and your preferences.