Such Mundane Ways, These Non-Wizard Folk

Written by admin

Day 361: Almost a year has passed, and no one seems to realise that I’m a wizard. I’m astounded at my ability to blend in with the regular folk of this city. Of course, people here aren’t looking for that sort of thing. They just want to get through their day and get back to their mundane lives, lives untouched by magic. I’d say so far my attempts to fit into regular life with my immense magical powers have been successful.

I even mostly manage to restrain myself from using them in my work, instead relying upon the regular ways. The way of mortal man are strange, but it’s sometimes quite incredible what they’ve managed to do without the ways of the arcane. Just last week we had professional office designers based in Melbourne drop in to transform the space. That’s how they phrased it: to ‘transform’ the space. I was curious, because I briefly believed that they meant literal transfiguration, perhaps with a bit of conjuring if extra items were needed. Foolish of me, of course…but I’ve been amongst ordinary folks for so long, and it’s making me latch onto familiar phrases.

There was no transfiguration, or conjuring. Not even a simple spell to change the colour of the walls. I didn’t actually see anything of what occurred, since it was during off-hours. We just came back to find that the office fitout had been completed to a high standard, and now we have refrigerated cooling instead of evaporative, which is much more satisfying to walk into on a hot day. Imagine such a thing…achieving the efficient cooling of a building without any sort of sorcery or incantations. Truly, they astound me. These people in Melbourne, office fitouts, refrigerators, cars, bicycles, telephones and all the rest of the things that make their realm so very intriguing. Such is why I must keep my magic secret. Were they to achieve that also, they would be unstoppable.