The Cooler Capital

Written by admin

We’ve made a bit of a detour on our way back, which is fine by me. I’ve really been enjoying this trip and it doesn’t need to end just yet. Plus we never really intended to travel to Canberra, but why not? It’s right up there, just a few hours of driving away from home. We can make the trip in a day.

Mind you, I’m really hoping the hotel we’re staying at has some proper air conditioning. Canberra is super gross when it gets humid and I can’t handle sleeping in the warm. A few of the places we’ve staying along the road haven’t had air con and it’s been very unpleasant. I should be illegal to not have a working air conditioner where people sleep.

With all those government buildings, I’m betting they will the best air conditioning in the country. It’ll be nice to be cool off after all those months of driving along the dusty roads, plus my sister has put her foot down and said she’s staying in a hotel when we get to Canberra.

All those months on the road, and now she’s fleeing for the creature comforts? It’s a nice thought, of course, but I’m not sure I can in good conscience sleep in a cushy hotel room while my cousins are out here in the RV. Then again, air conditioning is a major persuader for me to abandon my friends for the comfort of climate control.

A proper bathroom with proper working taps is also a nice change. But we’ll have plenty of that when we get home. This is our holiday, and air con or not, that means living a bit differently.

We’re not quite in Canberra yet, so on our next stop I’ll see what everyone thinks about my plans. I might be willing to negotiate. Either way here’s hoping where we stay next has had decent air conditioning services in the capital Canberra. I’ll never admit it to the rest of my travelling companions but I occasionally miss the creature comforts of home.