The Holiday Couple

Written by admin

I’m having some fun and interesting times planning my holiday around my cat. In other words, having a pet when you’re trying to go on holiday is really a bit of a pain, because you feel bad about putting them at a cattery and bad about passing them off to a friend. Ironically, Tabby loves everyone else and only hates me, so I don’t feel so bad about the whole thing.

The way I see it, we both get a holiday, from each other. My sister is allergic and it’s not like I can just mail my cat in a box to Nina, as much as I’d like to, but my mother is the perfect solution. She loves cats, cats love her, what could be better? My mother is retired and spends more of her time in the garden on asleep in her rocking chair.

My partner and I are having a lovely getaway, he even booked a luxury hotel in Lorne! I was worried that I would have to book our accommodation at the very last minute, but my partner surprised me. Such a sweetheart.

Yep, we’ve finally reached the ‘romantic getaway’ stage. I know it’s not something all couples do, and I don’t think it’d even have crossed our minds if all the pieces hadn’t wondrously fallen in place during a random conversation.

He called to ask if he’d left his jumper at my place, I said yes, asked how his day was, he said he really needed a holiday, I said I really needed a holiday…four minutes later I was googling recommendations for accommodation in Lorne. The short version is that we’re about to embark on a magical adventure to Lorne, where luxury accommodation is just a short walk away…from where we’re actually staying. But it’s all about the company, right? I’m not sure if it’s too soon for us to be going away together. I’m a bit worried about sharing a bathroom if I’m being completely honest.