An Argument with a Four Year Old

Written by admin

Poll: what’s the best venue for kids’ parties in Brisbane? I’m in the midst of an ongoing argument on the subject with my four year old. While I doubt he’ll be swayed by your feedback (or anyone else’s, for that matter, unless they should happen to be a ninja turtle), I’d like to be sure that my position is supported by other parents.

The debate goes like this. Wilson thinks that his birthday party should be held in the sewer, seeing as that’s where his beloved turtle heroes dwell. I, by contrast, firmly believe that children’s birthday parties should not be held in sewers. I’m more inclined towards a clean and safe environment, preferably one that’s securely contained and comes with some form of entertainment into the bargain (hubby is refusing to dress up as a power ranger again, so that’s out).

In all seriousness, though, I’m thinking that an indoor play centre is the way to go. Not only do these places fit the above criteria, but the entertainment that they provide comes in the form of active and imaginative play. Bonus points if there’s an on-site cafe that can make a decent flat white for the grown ups, but the main drawcard for me is that kids almost invariably seem to love these places.

I’ve tried selling my perspective to Wilson with the suggestion that some of these playgrounds bear a strong resemblance to a certain secret headquarters in the sewer. As far as he’s concerned, though, I’m not even close to being on the right track with this notion – apparently, only a real sewer will do. I strongly suspect that the tunnel slides and bouncy inflatables of an indoor playground will come closer to what he has in mind, but there’s no telling him.

So I’m turning to you for your input, Brisbane. Kids party venues: should they be in the sewer, or not?