Another Investment Property for the Pile

Written by admin

Others may say I’m overly-demanding, but actually…I just know what I want. Buying an investment property is even more important than buying your dream home, in my humble opinion. And they just get more and more important as you buy more properties, so once you get to number thirty or so, just imagine how important it is. To your bank account. MY bank account, specifically.

I mostly don’t go seeking them out nowadays. I have over thirty investment properties to look after, so obviously I get in some property advocates. Trusted professionals in Melbourne have the ability to seek out some swish homes and give you you low-down on whether they’re worth the sale, which is perfect for the man with no time on his hands. Alternatively, the woman with no time on her hands. Money is an equal-opportunity resource.

I just don’t have the time to be pounding the pavement, looking in cupboards, testing the stability of door-frames, cannonballing into pools, measuring kitchen surfaces, analysing sun patterns and imagining installation spaces for pergolas. I can barely get that stuff done in my actual home, let alone one that I own. And especially let alone about thirty that I now have to take care of, paperwork and all. You might as well ask me to go and clean all of their bathrooms. When it comes to the finding, buyers advocates just streamline the entire process. Even better, once you get to as many homes as me, you build a rapport to the point where you can trust their judgement. A bit like how I have one trusted real estate agency who I have doing all of that paperwork. Can’t be dealing with it myself…I mean, come on. Only 24 hours in a day, am I right? That’s why there are even people like buyers advocates. Located in Melbourne, no less…the city of dreams. And vacant properties for me to purchase at my leisure.