Surviving Without Boat

Written by admin

Three days after crashing his boat, Piney could be found wandering the Australian outback, speaking to himself about how the bugs were behind everything from his accident to the latest famine across the globe. It was a conspiracy of the highest order, you see. The bugs knew that with his cool sunglasses (unfortunately shattered in the crash) and flying boat, Piney would be unstoppable if he got into the political game. Everyone would have voted for him. So, they arranged for his demise in the middle of Australia. Oh, how he wished he could go back to better days. Days where he waited outside a marine fabrication shop in the Melbourne CBD, awaiting the completion of upgrades to his boat. Days where he could go for a trip through the sky on his flying boat without being attacked by a million bugs.

It was on this third day of wandering that Piney came across an old house, which looked only moderately haunted. Dried out from the sun, the mad pineapple sought shelter within the house. It only took a few minutes before the ghosts within approached Piney, asking what was wrong. He explained how the bugs had caused him to crash his flying boat. The ghosts (which were not delusions of Piney’s tired and mad mind) agreed with Piney’s claims of a great bug conspiracy. They had an old car in the house’s garage, which, along with their spare boat latch, Piney could borrow in order to return to Melbourne. There, he would be able to reveal the bug conspiracy and save the world. The ghosts even knew about an order of modern knights who would be willing to fight the evil bugs, if Piney could convince them.

And like that, Piney was off, driving the old car which the ghosts had kindly offered him, with no interest on the payment, either. Unfortunately, in his complete madness, Piney forgot to collect his boat from the crash site, returning to Melbourne boatless.