Valedictory is what beauty is about

Written by admin

I have always been a tomboy, in fact, growing up, when my friends were painting their nails or playing with dolls, it was quite normal to see me playing football or rolling in the mud. Now, I have just graduated from high school and tonight, we are having the valedictory dinner. I had honestly planned on going in jeans and a shirt, but when my mother found out, she put up such a fuss about it that i agreed to go dress shopping with my friends.

After finding a dress, my friends told my mother that they would book beauty treatments for all of us and that my hair and makeup would be done professionally. My friends and mother would not allow me to have a say in this discussion, which is why I am now seated at the Ballarat beauty salon, laser leg hair removal in progress.

I cannot tell if my friends think this is funny or if they are genuinely glad to see me with perfect eyebrows, sharing the laser hair removal experience with them. It almost seems to me that they find getting ready for formal events more enjoyable than the event itself. Personally, whenever I look at the mirror, I am fascinated to see that the person looking back at me looks nothing like I normally do. Perhaps having the power to completely change how they look is the reason girls tend to love dressing up so much. I overhead my mother talking to some of the other mothers about getting fillers for her lips in Bendigo. She has always been a little self conscious about her thin lips, thankfully I didn’t inherited those.

With my hair and makeup completed, I am told that hair removal is a part of the package that my mother has paid for. My friends look at me, giddy with excitement, and I agree to have my arms waxed too. After all, I wouldn’t let anyone say that I am afraid of little beauty.